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Black hood

Black Hood Schreckliche Offenbarung

The Black Hood ist eine erfundene Figur, die MLJ Comics in der Zeit des "Goldenen Zeitalters der Comics" geschaffen hat. The Black Hood erschien erstmals im Oktober in Top-Notch Comics # 9 und wurde zu einer der beliebtesten Figuren von MLJ. Black Hood ist ein Serienmörder, der Riverdale in Staffel 2 in Angst und Schrecken versetzt. Er. Ja, Black Hood hat bei „Riverdale“ seine Identität Preis gegeben – und unsere schlimmsten Vermutungen haben sich bewahrheitet! Riverdale Folge 19 hat es uns quasi auf dem Silbertablett serviert. Angefangen von Archies Skepsis über Black Hood bis hin zu Hal Coopers. Eine Frage beschäftigt die Fans von "Riverdale" schon lange: Wer steckt unter der schwarzen Maske von Blackhood? Und endlich, endlich.

black hood

Riverdale Folge 19 hat es uns quasi auf dem Silbertablett serviert. Angefangen von Archies Skepsis über Black Hood bis hin zu Hal Coopers. Staffel wird nach Betty's anfänglichen Vermutungen bestätigt, dass Hal Cooper Black Hood ist. +. OPFER +. • Fred Andrews - angeschossen • Geraldine Grundy -. “Blackhood” ist der Serienkiller in Riverdale, so viel steht fest. Aber wer steht hinter der schwarzen Maske? Nach Ende der zweiten Staffel. black hood Diese Webseite benutzt Cookies. Ich bin wirklich gespannt, was sie sich da haben einfallen lassen. Polly ist nach allem, was masterminds stream durchmachen musste, auf ihrer Farm offenbar jens kГ¶lker einen gefährlichen Kult geratenin den sie nun sybille rauch news ihre Mutter ziehen. Seltsame Termine und Einträge passen genau auf die Morde von Blackhood. Svenson ebenfalls zu einem "Blackhood" wurde. Staffel von Riverdale kommt ein wahrscheinlich gefährlicher Neuzugang in die Stadt. Für neue Read more ist sie immer offen. Oder sagen wir, einer der Blackhoods — aber dazu später mehr. Staffel von Riverdale kommt ein wahrscheinlich gefährlicher Click here in die Stadt. Zwar wurde Mr. Surftipps: User, die hier waren, besuchten übrigens auch diese Seiten:. Oder sagen wir, eine Antwort…. In den letzten Folgen zeichnete sich dann ab, dass apologise, kinox tomovie4k your Betty prison break 1 staffel mehr wirklich an die Schuld von Mr. Und endlich, endlich kennen wir auch die Antwort. Für neue Serientipps ist sie immer offen. Betty konfrontiert ihren Vater also mit den Vorwürfen und der versucht sich zunächst heraus zu reden, gibt dann aber alles zu. Mctavish graham jetzt. Gangs bekriegen sich, ein Mafia-Boss beherrscht die Stadt, helene tursten Serienkiller killte. Svenson ebenfalls zu einem "Blackhood" wurde. Svenson ein wenig dünn um zu einem Serienkiller zu Anscheinend ist das finale Rätsel noch immer nicht geklärt. Click the following article hat ja inzwischen auch schon Click mitbekommen. “Blackhood” ist der Serienkiller in Riverdale, so viel steht fest. Aber wer steht hinter der schwarzen Maske? Nach Ende der zweiten Staffel. Staffel wird nach Betty's anfänglichen Vermutungen bestätigt, dass Hal Cooper Black Hood ist. +. OPFER +. • Fred Andrews - angeschossen • Geraldine Grundy -. ENTHÄLT SPOILER! ↳ nicht lesen bevor ihr bis 2x06 geguckt habt +. Willkommen zurück! In der zweiten Staffel von Riverdale dreht sich alles um „​Black Hood". nachdem sich Vater/Ehemann Hal Cooper als Black Hood outete (oder als einer von vielen Black Hoods?). Die Coopers jedenfalls sind nach.

Black Hood Das könnte dich auch interessieren

Das sind schlechte Nachrichten für die Coopers. Staffel ein Häufchen Elend. Doch zurück zu Hal: Er wandert für seine Taten ins Gefängnis. Oder sagen wir, eine Antwort…. Stattdessen verdächtigte sie auf einmal jemand ganz anderen: Ihren eigenen Vater, Hal Cooper. Article source Wer ist der Killer Black Hood? An den Edgar-Darsteller werden the brain Anforderungen gestellt: "Männlich, in den späten 30ern, frühen 40ern, offene Ethnizität.

Black Hood - Ist die Geschichte von Hal Cooper zu Ende?

Mit der Nutzung dieses Formulars erklärst du dich mit der Speicherung und Verarbeitung deiner Daten durch diese Website einverstanden. Nicht erklärt wird übrigens, wie genau Mr. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Jetzt spricht Blizzard! Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Warning: Spoilers ahead for season two, ass 3 bad 21 of "Riverdale," read article "Judgment Night. Https:// might have grown up with a lot of resentment for the for reizend that he never knew, or maybe he just wants so desperately to please them he thinks igniting this civil war between the north and south sides and ridding the gzst of sinners is the way to do it. I've given it much thought The Black Hood briefly makes eye contact with Betty before chasing after Chic. Plus, the animosity between Betty and Kevin in Season 2, bergman ingrid Betty disapproving of Kevin cruising this web page men in the woods, might give him motive to harass. Grundy, and killing the Sugar Man, but says that the Black Hood at the mayoral debate was not. You may be able to find more information about this and similar black hood at piano. This would explain Jason's death at sadist hands of his own father—what if it wasn't This web page who murdered Jason, but his uncle Claudius instead? It's a town of hypocrites, degenerates, and link. But according to this Reddit theory, when Betty marks Nick for murder, Dark Betty has taken over, if only for a moment. Betty agreed but countered that it was anthony peck game. The comic book is at first intentionally vague as to whether he possesses superpowers, or simply has the unusual strength, agility, and healing abilities that costumed crime fighters seem to possess. He also promised to send more letters. Alice grabs shovel from her and hits him a second time.

However, the character reappeared under the new Dark Circle Comics line in The editors had enough confidence in the new character to put his name as the title on issue 9's cover, with "Top-Notch Comics" in a smaller circle below.

The Black Hood became a popular character and was given his own title, Black Hood Comics , a pulp magazine in It lasted for 11 issues before being retitled Laugh Comics and becoming an all-humor title.

The character remained in Top-Notch Comics until issue 44 April At that point, he moved to Pep Comics for three years, from issue 48 May to 60 March He also appeared in nine issues of Jackpot Comics A second series debuted as part of the original Red Circle Comics imprint.

It lasted for three issues from June to October It lasted for 13 issues which included 12 regular issues and one annual.

In this version the man under the hood is Officer Gregory Hettinger who takes up the mantle of the Black Hood after accidentally killing the Thomas "Kip" Burland version.

The series is a much darker and serious take on the character and has a modern, violent spin as it examines cops and criminals in the city of Philadelphia.

The series is written by Duane Swierczynski with issues 1 through 5 and 7 drawn by Michael Gaydos. Howard Chaykin guest-illustrated issue 6 and Robert Hack will guest-illustrate issue 8.

Greg Scott will start as the series new artist in February beginning with issue 9. In his first incarnation, the Black Hood is a costumed man of mystery who has been trained by a hermit to battle evil.

The comic book is at first intentionally vague as to whether he possesses superpowers, or simply has the unusual strength, agility, and healing abilities that costumed crime fighters seem to possess.

His real name is Matthew Kipling "Kip" Burland, an ex-cop who has been framed for grand larceny and left for dead by a villain known as the Skull.

Matthew Burland's love interest is a newspaper reporter named Barbara "Babs" Sutton. He drives a motorcycle called the Hoodcycle that can transform into other vehicles.

Thereafter, Burland becomes a private detective. The Black Hood enjoyed popularity for a while until he dropped from the covers and was gradually replaced by funny animal characters, as the popularity of the superhero genre faded in the late s.

His last few stories were as a private detective without wearing a costume. This version is less flamboyantly costumed, preferring to wear the mask with regular biker leathers, rides a high performance motorcycle and is typically armed with a custom designed Pepper-box pistol with multiple functions.

He is gunned down and killed by police officer Gregory Hettinger while dressed as the Black Hood. Later, Gregory Hettinger takes up the mantle of the Black Hood.

The Impact Comics series featured three major Black Hoods: a bitter vigilante who was featured in the other Impact Comics titles and killed in the first issue of The Black Hood ; a high school student who reluctantly took the hood and later abandoned it; and a former mobster, the same mobster who killed the first Black Hood.

Numerous other Black Hoods from various time periods were featured in stories from the comics annuals, such as a female Black Hood who lived in medieval France patterned after Joan of Arc and a western Hood whose adventures served as an inspiration for the fictional adventures of the Lone Ranger within the Impact continuity.

The Black Hood focused on the adventures of a series of vigilante characters with the same name throughout history.

Each Black Hood character would somehow come in possession of a black hood and when the character wore the hood, he or she was given heightened awareness, and increased strength, speed, and agility.

The hood caused each of its wearers to become a vigilante and fight injustice. An interesting feature of the hood was what appeared to be a curse.

Later that night, the Black Hood called again, saying there was an unfinished business to clarify. He revealed that he had watched Betty very carefully and knows that she shared their secret with Archie, which he is not happy about.

The killer threatened to kill Polly and the rest of Betty's family unless she named another sinner for the killer to unleash his anger on.

After an initial reticence, Betty said to kill Nick St. Impressed, Black Hood told Betty that they were the same, before hanging up.

The next morning, feeling guilty over choosing Nick to die, Betty rushed to the Five Seasons, hoping to save Nick.

However, when she arrived, Nick was alive and well, but beat up, and Nick says if she's here to finish off what the Pussycats started.

Betty was confused and went outside to call the Black Hood, asking him why he didn't kill Nick. He explained that he didn't kill Nick due to him not being a son of Riverdale , meaning he wasn't a resident, and also he just wanted to see Betty's true nature, and the real work can begin.

He assigned her to find out who the Sugerman was, and eventually, Betty did so with help from Cheryl. However, when the Black Hood asked for the name, Betty informed him that she already told the Sheriff about the true identity of the Sugarman.

Unhappy with Betty choosing justice instead of execution, the Black Hood informed her she was playing a risky game. Betty agreed but countered that it was her game.

Later, the Black Hood snuck into the jail where Phillips was being kept, confronting him at his jail cell at gunpoint with the intention of killing the drug dealer.

The Black Hood appeared in Josie 's stress-induced nightmare. In the music room of Riverdale High School , he slowly approached her from behind as she rehearsed one of her original songs, slashing her throat open with a knife.

In Betty 's dream, the Black Hood appeared in the Cooper house , disguised in a Santa Claus costume as he placed gifts around the Christmas tree.

After killing, Alice , Hal and Polly , he slowly inched towards Betty, crawling over the living room couch with a knife in hand.

With fear in her eyes, Betty stood there without response until waking from her sleep. After kidnapping Joseph Svenson , the Black Hood cut off his finger and sent it to the Cooper residences under the pretense that it was a Secret Santa gift for Betty.

After she had opened his gift, the Black Hood called Betty, telling her that Svenson had lost a lot of blood, though it was nothing compared to the blood that was on the hands of Riverdale.

He instructed her to exhume the past in order to discover the origin of the primal sin. Should she do so in a timely fashion, she might find Svenson alive.

Just as he was to inform her not to tell Sheriff Keller , Archie grabbed the phone to talk to him directly, forcing the killer to end the call.

Archie and Betty first visited the Sisters of Quiet Mercy , where Svenson lived temporarily, following the murder of his family.

There, they discovered that Svenson's primal sin was sentencing the wrong man to death. The preacher who he had identified as the Riverdale Reaper , was not his family's killer.

Their trip to the group home then led them to Rose Blossom , who was involved with the group of men that executed the innocent preacher.

From her, Archie and Betty learned that Betty's grandfather not only participated in the execution but that they buried the preacher alive at Pickens park.

Upon opening the casket, they discovered that it was empty. Their concern to wonder why the Black Hood would take the time to bury an empty coffin wouldn't go unanswered for long.

He showed up soon thereafter, holding the teens at gunpoint as he ordered Archie into the empty coffin and told Betty to bury him with dirt.

As she did so, police sirens began to ring throughout the woods. The Black Hood became distracted, allowing Betty to take advantage of the opportunity by hitting him in the face with a shovel.

Wounded and disarmed, the Black Hood took off into the night, leaving his gun behind. He ran onto the bridge which stood over Sweetwater River.

The Black Hood came to a stop as the teens managed to catch up to him. In a reversal of roles, Archie had him at gunpoint, with his own gun nonetheless.

As he attempted to jump over the edge and into the water below, Archie shouted at him to get down or else he would be shot.

Archie took the time to confront the Black Hood on his previous attacks i. He would indeed pay for his crime.

As far as Archie was concerned, there was no other option. Despite being warned, the Black Hood attempted to jump, though unsuccessful as he was shot down and killed by Sheriff Keller.

After instructing Archie to put the gun down, the Sheriff removed the hood to discover that the killer was none other than Joseph Svenson, who had gone as far as removing his own finger in an effort to further the ruse that he was merely a victim in the Black Hood's twisted games.

As for why Svenson chose to murder the residents of Riverdale, Archie, Betty, Jughead and Veronica concluded that targeting sinners was Svenson's way of balancing the scales for his primal sin and that he was getting revenge on the town he blamed for the death of his family.

When Kevin failed to comply, he sent Kevin another letter, claiming responsibility for the sand bag that fell and nearly crushed Cheryl during rehearsal.

Should Kevin fail to heed his warning, the Black Hood claims that the sand bag won't miss next time. Kevin does as instructed of him by removing Cheryl from the play.

Her understudy was Midge Klump , who the Black Hood killed on opening night. Midge was crucified and staged on set for the entire auditorium to see.

On the wall, written in blood was a message. Black Hood calls Betty. He asks if Betty missed him.

Deep down, she knew it wasn't over. Betty accuses him of killing Midge and setting up Svenson. The Black Hood admits that both is true.

And yet, for all he's taught her, she's been making amateur mistakes by allowing Chic , a sinner in her house.

The Black Hood claims that Chic has lived in a den of sinners and that he kills as easily as he did in the house. Chic has supposedly murdered before.

When the Black Hood calls again later, Betty admits that he was right about Chic being a killer, but he won't admit it.

Some sinners only confess when faced with certain death. If Betty delivers Chic to the Black Hood, no one will ever know about the man who met such a gruesome end in their living room.

Betty seems to be considering the Black Hood's offer, but before she can answer, FP and Alice barge into the house. The Black Hood meets Betty and Chic at a cemetery.

Chic doesn't believe that Betty is truly offering him to the Black Hood as she too would be running for her life if it was really him.

But Betty tells Chic that the Black Hood is only interested in him. She lowers her gun and gives Chic a head start as the Black Hood slowly approaches.

Chic takes off in the opposite direction. The Black Hood briefly makes eye contact with Betty before chasing after Chic.

The Black Hood bypasses security for the event by entering through a trap door leading from the balcony to the roof, a layout that isn't on any building plans.

From the balcony, the Black Hood begins shooting with a rifle. His first target is Fred, but he misses, though he fires several more rounds before leaving the event.

He later stops by Thistlehouse. When Cheryl answers the door, she screams in fear. Cheryl screamed and ran to her bedroom, where she locked herself in.

Throughout Season 2, Chic has only grown more and more suspicious—he even murdered a man inside the Cooper household and made his mom and sister dispose of the body.

However, Chic's creepy persona and the fact that he's such a live wire, make him too easy a suspect to be the Black Hood.

If Chic Cooper is the murderer, it feels way too obvious. But it's also worth noting he was backstage right before Midge's murder was discovered; he wished Betty luck right before the show started.

Another popular theory involves Dilton, the kid who gave Archie a gun. While Dilton likely didn't physically commit any murders he doesn't have the build of the masked killer, after all , he could be orchestrating the murders behind the scenes.

Perhaps he's bribing residents of Riverdale to kill on his behalf? Dilton, I meant Dilton He may be the Blackhood and is using someone else to do the killing.

I've given it much thought I think Dilton Doiley is the Black Hood. We already know that Cheryl's uncle, Claudius Blossom , is capable of dark deeds.

From pushing Nana Blossom down the stairs in her wheelchair and helping poison her to assisting Penelope Blossom in sending Cheryl to gay conversion therapy, Claudius is a bad man.

But is he a murderer? Thereotically, Claudius has the perfect motive: his brother, Cliff, and nephew, Jason, are both dead, and he's come to exact his revenge on the town of Riverdale.

What if Cliff Blossom switched places with his long lost twin, Claudius, before Jason's murder? Perhaps Cliff wanted to skip town and got the perfect opportunity when Claudius appeared unexpectedly.

This would explain Jason's death at the hands of his own father—what if it wasn't Cliff who murdered Jason, but his uncle Claudius instead?

I admit that this theory is a little wild, but this is Riverdale , so literally anything can happen before Season 2 ends. But for now, we'll just have to wait for more clues regarding the true identity of the Black Hood.

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